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Truth About Cellulite - Cellulite Removal With "Parafango"

cellulite reduction exercises

Truth About Cellulite - Cellulite Removal With "Parafango"

Truth About Cellulite "Parafango" is a natural sea mud, consisting of algae, thermal plankton rich in calcium and iodine. This is truly an invaluable cocktail - because it contains more than 30 minerals and salts!
Before the procedure body is purified by scrub of sea salt, and then applies a special serum - with solid, advanced stage of Truth About Cellulite, increases blood circulation in the tissues, enabling the removal of water and fat.
Only after such training is applied heated mixture of "parafango," and the body is wrapped and covered with a special film. Thanks to the combination of heat and special components improves circulation, and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
So, having decided to wrap you as a sort of "bonus" get prevention of varicose veins, which would be a good savings. Distinctive feature "parafango" is present in a mixture of wax, so after the procedure, you will not have to wash off the layers of mud in the shower, as slack wax is removed from the skin of an elementary thin transparent process.
Undoubted advantage of this component in the fact that the paraffin fine vitaminizing and deeply hydrates the skin, which helps perpetuate its firmness and elasticity, dead Sea mud is extracted from the seabed, processed and stored in such a way to conserve medicinal properties.
It contains a large amount of salts and minerals, for example, so necessary for cell metabolism magnesium. This mixture is not only to fight cellulite, but also has beneficial effects on blood circulation, nervous system, and metabolism, strengthens and makes the elasticity of the connective tissue, visually smoothes the skin.


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